Oakfield Inaugural Summer Camp


Sunday 22.45pm – in bed

Its been an absolute whirlwind and a great success.  Its too soon to take it all in and we still have most people here for breakfast and a short hack before they head off home tomorrow.  I think we have equipped those of our beginners who were able to come to the camp with enough knowledge and information to confidently take part in our competitions and their willingness to mentor other beginners as they come along in the future will stand us in good stead I think for friendlier competitions at Oakfield with better informed participants.  Well done class of 2018.  You were all absolutely fabulous. I think for me just now, this picture sums it up.   Mo.

Saturday 7.54am  – Still in bed!

Breakfast is at 8.30am and its such a treat not preparing it.  Jan has just rushed up to gather up our fly zappers (not the kittens) as the annual flying ant day has arrived!  Other than that and an accidental setting off of the alarm which disconcerted the girls, poor things, who were certain the police would be summoned and they would be carted off, its been a great start to the camp.  Its all such an unknown experiment for all of us.  Icelandic beginners, new horses and for us too.  We have never attempted anything like this before.  Jan keeps wandering around saying “I can’t get used to all this free time”  nonetheless I am extremely grateful that she volunteered to cater.  We enjoyed a lovely cottage pie last night and a fantastic apple crumble.  A cooked breakfast beckons in a few minutes.  Such luxury.

We are running three training sessions for each individual to help familiarise the people and the horses with the events we run here.  Obstacles, riding out and Oval track competitions. Last night it was the youngsters turn on the track and we have been taking the opportunity to try out our live streaming  the camera reset to black and white initially here (it is the whole lesson and I am fiddling with moving the camera.  There are some interesting delay artefacts so its not prime time watching.

Nick managed to sort it out to be colour here where Mic is tutoring Lily Leader on Odinn, her new horse, helping her to find a very nice tolt and to encourage Odinn to go past the gate (which has been a problem and with his friends standing there was quite a challenge) and stop at her command not when he chose to, which Lily managed very well.

Breakfast now and more later.

Friday 11.30am

Chores done, snatching a few minutes to catch up with the blog.  The early arrivals have been out on an ice cream ride to Moors Valley and the Tesco delivery has just turned up so we will have food for the weekend.  People are arriving and setting up and this afternoon we will be very relaxed as it is going to be HOT.  Swimming and craft/fancy dress prep I think.  moorsvalley

Thursday 8.30pm

Its been hot, we have been busy and I had a very long and irritating argument with a pot of grout.  In my nice dress that I didn’t think I needed to change as all I was going to do was some nice mosaic.  Everyone else  thought it was funny.  Harumph38391815_10215364093163237_2823580056658378752_n


Thursday 2nd August 6.30am

Jan and Mic are on their way, Charlie, Isabel, Libby, Faye and Mary are here already to help set up and yesterday we made a start on the last of the jobs.

We went out for a nice meal at the Cross Keys yesterday evening  and then Charlie and the girls went out for a ride while we put the bed into the second bedroom which Izzy and I had “decorated” earlier in the afternoon while Mary & Nick levelled up the ground for the A frame obstacle.

Charlie had the “pleasure” of the kittens for the night (she left her door open) but apart from kitten breakfast, there are no signs of stirring so I am starting this blog.

Yesterday Nick experimented with live streaming from the farm on you tube,  it was stable for the day, I don’t recommend you view the whole thing as it is just a picture of Bil and comings and goings but we will be streaming over the weekend.  The link is here… 

Off to waterproof the shower tray in a bit then blinds for the bunk house, then lots of beds to make up and the clubhouse to lay up for the weekend, then its done and we are ready.  Oh and loo rolls for the loos.  Slightly necessary.  Nick and the rest of them will be off doing horsey things when they stir themselves, no doubt and I will keep you all posted.  Its going to be fun.